Mirai reviews - Shin Sekai Yori!

The series, From the New World / Shinsekai Yori, follows Saki Watanabe as she lives in a world a thousand years from now. In that distant future, although advanced technology seemed to be lacking - all humans possess "cantus", a power similar to psycho-kinesis.

From the first episode, you could tell that the anime is going to be anything but "easy" to watch. The first scene shows a teenage boy in modern Japan going on a killing spree with some unknown powers. A minute later, the next scene shows the world a thousand years later, in a more rural setting - with protagonist Saki and her friends playing in the midst of open fields.

Later on, we found out that Saki has awakened her Cantus and could finally move on to studying at a different school - one where all her friends were already enrolled in. However, this is far from your average slice-of-life, typical school anime - in the later part of the first episode, it was revealed that there were some mysterious creatures threatening the students, and it could possibly be controlled by a committee (which existence and purpose we aren't sure of).

I wouldn't be surprised if anyone was left confused by the first episode - the beauty of this series lies in its unpredictable storyline. It had what a lot anime lack - a well-written plot. The story was so engaging it was simply torture when I had to wait for each episode to be released every week. (It's almost impossible to infer what would be happening next - you'll be surprised by the plot twists.)

I have to say that I may be slightly biased towards the series, even before I started watching it. The novel「新世界より」 (Shin Sekai Yori), which the anime is adapted from, is written by none other than (one of) my favourite Japanese authors - Yusuke Kishi! Even though I have yet to read the novel, his other works I have read lead me to have very high expectations of this series. After watching the anime not once, but twice - I'm glad to say it didn't disappoint me a bit! (It's a nice break from all the fanservice-y animes we are so used to being subjected to these days.)

The animation and music was something I loved about it as well - the OST was simply beautiful - even if you didn't get the plot, the animation and music makes it worth watching!

However, 25 episodes seemed too short for the plot to be fully developed - some parts could be a little fast-paced and confusing. (Don't be surprised if you are left bewildered in the middle of the series - just continue watching and eventually you'll catch up at the ending!) The blood and gore could be a little too much for some - but somehow after watching Blood-C, nothing seems to faze me anymore!

If you are a fan of the dystopian genre, or if you would like something intriguing - then give Shinsekai Yori a try - it wouldn't disappoint!

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- Mirai