Preview for Infinite Stratos 2 released

News Source: JEFUSION

In the near future, humanity had created powered exoskeletons for combat. Called 'Infinite Stratoes', they possess advanced technology and combat capabilities, and threaten to upset the balance of the world. Only being able to be piloted by women, the IS had thus, shifted the power balance from men to women! Such was the case for years, until one fine day when Ichika Orimura, a 15 year-old Japanese boy is able to operate an IS. That is where his journey begins...


With the first season aired in Japan from 6th January to 31st March 2011, the second series was finally announced recently. Similar to the first series, Yasuhito Kikuchi will return as a director. He is joined by Hikaru Nanase, Kumi Horii and Takeshi Takakura (Together with CHOCO) who will handle the music, character designs and mechanical designs respectively. Fans will surely have a lot to look forward to as the first series only follows the story in the 1st to 3rd volume of the novel. Meanwhile, you can check out the preview of the second series here!

- Sheng

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