Nicholas reviews: Get Ride! AM Driver

ALERT!... ALERT!... Unknown machines called "Bug-chines" have invaded the earth as you know it!

All this happened 10 years ago and no one knows where they came from, or why they are constantly causing destruction, driving humans out of their home. Yet all that is known is that no normal human can do anything to stop them...

But hope has arrived in the form of "AM Technology", and a brave group of soldiers who don these high-tech suits! Known as "AM Drivers", they are our last line of defence against the Bug-chines. With the duty of repelling Bug-chines and trying to win the hearts of the people, will they actually save our world?

Alright, now that I've introduced the story line, here're some fun facts after my not-so-long intro: This was an anime that had its 1st debut in year 2004, and the alternate title is called "Get Ride! AM Driver" which is although longer, yet quite a good catch-phrase!

Oh how rude of me to forget introducing myself -I am Nicholas, and I like to work on Gunpla Models, taking photos of cosplayers, reading manga and watching anime. This is my 1st anime review and I do hope you'll enjoy it.

Before I give you a little spoiler on the anime, I would like to share a bit of my view regarding the AM Drivers. First off, when I saw the anime's opening, I had an image of animated version of Super Sentai (as there were only 5 AM Drivers in the opening)...

Then during the anime, and strangely, it made me think of Mobile Suit Gundam and the reason is quite obvious! hahaha...

Erm... I apologise for the tease earlier and in advance if there's anything you'd be offended with later on, so bear with me... *bows*... I'm sorry.

Alright on with the anime!!! First off, the AM Drivers are basically soldiers armed with cutting edge technology, and humanity's only hope of defeating the Bug-chines. So at the start as you'll see, they throw you into a misconception that it all started in space... well it didn't of course, followed by the rush of people as they scream and race away from the rampaging Bug-chines when they zoom in on Earth.

The anime starts of the intro as a way to keep you up to date that earth had been under the attack of the Bug-chines, and that it had been that way for the past 10 years. And as it continues with the introduction, it starts to drag you into their story as if you are part on the anime, by slowly turning it into a news report and you are just watching news footage from another part of earth, straight from the... well, news... ^~^

The wonderful display of hoverboard riding skills and exellent control of various weapons in range from meele to heavy arsenal, is sure to make you drool... not to mention that the very hover board you ride can be an awesome weapon and a shield! And due to their appearance, and weapons, it's hard to not compare it with Gundams.

In this Episode, catch our three young cadets, the reckless yet dependable and ever-serious "blades user" Jenus Dira, the childish yet dramatic sharp shooter Ragna Lawrelia, and the quiet yet serious soldier Sera May, as they join in the battle field against the Bug-chines for the sake of humanity.

Jenus Dira (Blades User) Ragna Lawrelia (Gunslinger) Sera May (Sub-melee Fighter)

Upon entering the camp, and such a strange coincidence, the camp is called "Little Wings" (Basically a Kindergarten's name in Singapore...), they were introduced to their sections and the people they have to work with (namely their Seniors and Superiors)... would things work out for our heroes, to be at constant wars with the Bug-chines and at the same time fitting in?

The Bug-chines attacks, time to deploy and defend! As Jenus and Ragna were sent on their first actual combat against the Bug-chines, check out how they were shot out on their hover board (now isn't it similar to Gundams? ^_^)... and also the check out the weapon (1/50 blade) that Jenus picked from base to use before being launched.

Upon encountering the Bug-chines something amongst the rubbles caught Jenus' attention, it was a family of 3 and between Jenus and the family were the dreadful Bug-chines, and in order to save the family, Jenus jumped straight into their rescue. And due to the reckless action, they are now facing a dilema as not only can Jenus free the family himself, his only escape route was blocked by the Bug-chines, and there's no way Ragna could blast his way through the Bug-chines to free Jenus...

At the exact moment, in come the "Heroes" in the news, Scene and company obliterating the bugs with ease.

With his first mission completed by total fluke, Jenus' determination grows stronger. So how will the story continue? Watch the anime and stay tuned to find out! ^o^ < GET RIDE!!!

- Nicholas