Ride on the Driver's High!

Think your place has a bug problem every time it floods out due to rainy weather? At least it's not during an alternate, distant future, where said bugs have grown into enormous sizes, and now threaten humanity! Now known as Bug-chine, this isn't some bad-dinner-induced nightmare; it's the world of Get Ride! AM Driver!

The Bug-chine are big, nasty, and don't play very well with others. It's a good then, that a group of soldiers known as the AM Drivers are around to take care of things!

With a combination of the latest technology and sheer determination, a new kind of weapon was developed. Acting as an artificial musculature that can be equipped with a multitude of weapons, these weapons are "AM Jackets", and are humanity's greatest defense against the bug menace!

If it sounds like a cool way to do your job, you're on the right track! AM Drivers dive straight into the fray with guns blazing and delivering flashy lines, all in a bizarre reality-show setting to their battles. It might be a battle to protect humanity - but who says you can't have a little fun too?

Catch this big-time pest-extermination as it happens, as Get Ride! AM Driver hits anibee on 15th March!


- Q

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