March of the Penguin Girl!

What's the best way to make a good impression on your first day of school?

You could dress neatly for starters, and coming on time helps too. When introducing yourself to the class, you could give a rousing speech, or perhaps even simply smile and tell a funny story. All this should work just nicely for an ordinary person!

For some people however, they're anything but 'ordinary' - especially when you're someone like Sakura 'Penguin' Nankyoku. For her, 'ordinary' is not only missing from her agenda, but her vocabulary entirely!

From the pages of the original manga, "Penguin Musume", written by Tetsuya Takahashi, comes the smash-hit Original Net Animation adaptation - Penguin Musume Heart!

Telling the story of the peculiarly Penguin-like Sakura and her adventures with her friends at her new school, Penguin Musume Heart is guaranteed hilarity for any otaku, or fan of anime & manga - and it's headed right for anibee this 1st March 2013!

Keep your eyes peeled, anime fans: the Penguin girl's march has begun!!

- Q

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