Guilty or Innocent?


Imagine a world where anyone could be screened, judged… and instantly labeled as a criminal right before your very eyes. Imagine a world where verdicts are passed swiftly and ruthlessly.

Such is the world of Production I.G's latest anime, PSYCHO-PASS.

In a near and dark, yet eerily familiar future, enforcement is made harsher and faster as every person on the planet is installed with a device on their body. In an instant, a person's mental stability and personality are measured and the probability that he or she would commit a crime is tabulated. Called the "Crime Coefficient index", when it reaches to too high a level, these individuals are pursued - and prosecuted.


Carrying out this task is a special team of people, comprised of supervising police officers, as well as potential criminals. Known as the "Inspectors" and "Enforcers", it is the tale of Unit One member, Shinya Kogami, which we follow...

Hot off the shelves in Japan, PSYCHO-PASS looks set to make huge waves in the anime industry! Featuring big-name stars such as Tomokazu Seki (Gundam Seed, Steins Gate) and Akira Ishida (Gundam Seed Destiny, Accel World), PSYCHO-PASS is your ticket if you desire something that's provoking, engaging, edgy... and action packed!

- Q

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