Meet the HEROES! Pt. 2

Super Hero November is just underway, with loads of related content coming out right here on anibee, including Tiger & Bunny! We covered some of the heroes of Sternbild City the last time but we weren't done yet!

Tiger and Bunny

Let's check out the rest of the super-hero denizens of the city:

Rock Bison
Aka: The Bull Tank of the West Coast
Real name: Antonio Lopez
Company: Kronos Foods.

With the ability to make his skin as tough as stone, Rock Bison is a hero that's certainly as tough as he looks! Another veteran superhero and long-time friend of "Wild Tiger" Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, Rock Bison is always there to provide a (HUGE) helping hand when in need!

Tiger and Bunny

Dragon Kid
Aka: The Lightning Bolt Kungfu Master
Real name: Huang Pao-Lin
Company: Odysseus Communication

Dragon Kid might be the youngest of the heroes, but she's certainly not to be underestimated! Packing electrifying powers that can light an entire city, she also delivers a mighty wallop with her finely-honed martial art skills! While a tomboy on the outside, there might be a softer, gentler side to this otherwise ordinary girl.

Tiger and Bunny

Fire Emblem
Aka: The Bourgeois Open Flame Broil
Real name: Nathan Seymour
Company: Helios Energy

Packing the power to control and release large bodies of fire, Fire Emblem also heats up the scene with his unabashed, flamboyant manner! Equipped with a snazzy racecar and a highly advanced level of control over his abilities, Fire Emblem is also the owner of his own parent company!

Tiger and Bunny

Origami Cyclone
Aka: The Expert of being seen in the background
Real name: Ivan Karelin
Company: Helperidese Finance

With the ability to shape-shift, Origami Cyclone is the ultimate background-advertising-billboard the world has come to know! Quiet and reserved, will this unsung hero ever have his chance to shine in the limelight?

Ladies and Gentlemen, these are YOUR heroes of HERO TV LIVE! Catch all the excitement on TIGER & BUNNY, showing on anibee 7 December 2012!

- Q

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