Meet The HEROES! Pt. 1

Did you catch our previous article the last time here on Anime Station? Then you'd know why we're all hyped up, and why we're dubbing this month as Super Hero November!

Tiger and Bunny

That's right, Tiger & Bunny is coming soon to anibee, and we don't want you to miss any of the action! Hot off the heels of the successful movie, The Beginning, let's take a look at the colourful array of heroic characters the series will be following!

Ladies and Gentlemen - the heroes of Sternbild City!!

Tiger and Bunny

Wild Tiger
Aka: The Crusher for Justice
Real name: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi
Company: Apollon Media

One of the most seasoned and experienced of the heroes, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi aka Wild Tiger, is as old-fashioned a hero as they come. Dubbed the Crusher of Justice for both metaphorical and very literal reasons, Wild Tiger is known to cause an above-average amount of collateral destruction to get the job done with his Hundred-Power, an ability that multiplies his strength by a hundred times. With his now-former company having been bought out, Wild Tiger soon finds himself under the ownership of a new boss, and with it, being forced to undertake new conditions. A new suit, new gear - and even a hot-shot new partner?! Can this old veteran keep up with the times? Or will he end up as a wash out?

Tiger and Bunny

Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Aka: Rookie with an Attitude
Real name: N/A, has no superhero name
Company: Apollon Media

Working under his real name and also possessing the Hundred-Power, identical to Wild Tiger's, Barnaby Brooks Jr. is the latest talk of the city. Aloof and cold towards his fellow heroes when outside of work; Barnaby is an extreme rationalist who detests Wild Tiger's often unorthodox and otherwise archaic methods. Obsessive and aggressive when provoked, Barnaby signed up as a hero to find the murderer of his parents... and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

Tiger and Bunny

Sky High
Aka: The King of Heroes
Real name: Keith Goodman
Company: Poseidon Line

Cheerful, friendly, good-natured and hardworking, Sky High is the undisputed "King of Heroes" for a good reason! Enjoying immense popularity with audiences both young and old, Sky High has topped the charts several times in a row. Always training to improve himself further, Sky High possesses various wind-based abilities such as hurricane blasts and jet-pack assisted flight.

Tiger and Bunny

Blue Rose
Aka: The Superstar of the Hero World
Real name: Karina Lyle
Company: Titan Industry

With the power to freeze criminals and audiences alike with her powers over cold and an illustrious singing career, Blue Rose has been honed to be the ultimate Superstar Hero of HeroTV! Although enjoying immense popularity, Karina gets frustrated with her company's controlling ways, from having to consistently spout catch phrases upon entry, to embarrassing elements like her revealing outfit - and her "Cutie Escape" technique!

Stay tuned, as we've still got more heroes to get acquainted with! Tiger & Bunny begins airing on anibee this 23rd November 2012!

- Q

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