Tiger & Bunny OST - オリオンをなぞる (Orion wo Nazoru)

Ryodo Review No. 01

This title doesn't really scream "Superhero" at me, to be honest, until I saw the word "Sunrise" at the bottom.

Ahh, yes, Tiger & Bunny... I've seen merchandise for it and heard lots of people talking about it, and even seen a number of awesome cosplayers at a number of events. Personally I think the character designs are really eye-catching and interesting, and they certainly create a balance of extreme manliness and extreme hotness. I can tell that it's getting increasingly popular, but the fact is...

I have not watched the anime yet.

You must be thinking: "OMG WHAT YOU SHOULD WATCH IT NOW, LIKE SERIOUSLY". Haha. I will, but it's complicated for me. You see, I feel a little even uneasy reading manga, and that is saying a lot since you can control the pace of how fast you read manga whereas in anime, you have sit through for the whole twenty-something minutes.

Tiger & Bunny is created by Sunrise, the same company that brought you the Gundam series, and in the most honest personal opinion, it's about a group of people who transform into superheroes, all in getups that bare large logos of the sponsors they're working for. Roughly, this translates to a huge product placement anime.

But wait, I'm not here to talk about the anime itself! I'm here to talk about what you see every time you start watching Tiger & Bunny. That's right, the Opening Theme!

Personally I think that it's very important to be able to capture your intended viewers' attention with the opening theme since, as the term states, it's the theme song that opens the anime, something that sets the mood and gives you an overall idea on what to expect. It's like a guest band or a guest musician opening a concert; it's the first impression that counts. If you can't capture your audiences with something good, you can forget about entertaining them even if your content has a great build up towards the end.

Wild Tiger says "Rawr”, brought to you by SHFiguarts and SoftBank.

The song that was used for the Opening Theme is オリオンをなぞる (Orion wo Nazoru), which translates to "Tracing Orion". It's written and composed by Tabuchi Tomoya, and arranged and performed by Unison Square Garden. Since I feel that watching/listening to the Opening Theme without any prior knowledge of the anime or anything related immediately eliminates all bias from any angle possible, I'll be giving my honest opinions and first impressions of the whole package itself.

The song itself is quite catchy, and fits an action-packed anime such as this. The individual instruments used in the song (drums, electric guitar, bass, piano) blend with each other really well too. The vocals are simply amazing too; the range is really high and has great control (I wish I have the range he has!). The harmony blends with the vocals too, and to me, that's a great thing since I also heavily emphasise on good harmonies when it comes to songs or even covers.

I have to be honest, the first part of the Opening Theme (up to the logo) caught my attention and I could feel myself getting pumped up and getting ready to watch on, but as the song progressed, it started to lose its feel. As the show is about superheroes, I couldn't help find myself wanting a song with a greater impact (such as the ones featured in the Super Sentai series) befitting of such a show.

Having watched anime for quite a long time, I have this expectation that the opening sequences follow the song's rhythm heavily, knowing where to be calm and where to be tense according to the song. However, in this case, the opening sequence only follows the beginning of the song, after which is starts to go on its own tangent while the song goes on another. That's where it loses its feel, and starts to get a little disjointed.

Going back to comparing Tiger & Bunny's Opening Theme with other superhero shows, I cannot seem to find any way to connect the lyrics of the song with the anime. The Super Sentai series always has the honour of having their own theme songs, with lyrics written around the context of the series itself. Tiger & Bunny, however, does not have such an honour. Sure, most anime have theme songs whose lyrics do not seem to connect with the anime itself either, and many may be thinking why I would point out something as trivial as that. But those who've seen shows like One Piece, you would get a rough idea of what I'm talking about. One Piece is an anime, and yet it has some theme songs that are written around the anime itself. The same goes for the Pokémon series as well.

The character roster looks really promising. Simple, yet distinctive.
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Overall, I think that Orion wo Nazoru is a great song, however I feel that it could have been used for another anime that fits the context more. The Opening Theme itself is good too, with all the amazing animation, but it could have been better, or at least have done a much better job in synchronising with the rhythm of the song.

Like I mentioned earlier, this review is based solely on my own opinion, with some research done to back up what I have said. Thank you all very much for reading! Okay, I am off to find out more about Tiger & Bunny now. Like I always say in my channel: Get Inspired Now!

- Ryodo

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