anibee Features - Doubutsu no Hayashi artist & creator - Master Panda!

A new manga has made its first-ever English language debut in the pages of COCO! Magazine, right here in Singapore!

Known as "Doubutsu no Hayashi" (Animal Forest) in Japan, this entertaining manga that chronicles the ever-amusing, random adventures of a little beaver known only as Hayashi, comes to us titled as Animal Tales!

We got to interview creator and artist of the manga, "Master Panda"!

anibee: Thank you for answering our questions. Please introduce yourself!

Master Panda: Hello, I am Master Panda! My mother's a panda, and my father's a crocodile, which is a little strange when you think about it. But it's thanks to this unique upbringing that I've been able to become a "Master" at just age 40!

anibee: How did you get a job as a manga artist?

Master Panda: I frantically doodled an awesome picture on a piece of paper, which I then folded into a paper-airplane. I threw it at a precise angle, which let it fly and land exactly on the Editor's desk. Thankfully, he decided to look at it - and that's how I got hired!

anibee: What are your hobbies?

Master Panda: I like baseball, whether playing it, or even just watching it.

anibee: Please tell us what "Animal Tales" is about!

Master Panda: It's not about "what is the meaning of life?", that'Â’s for sure!

anibee: Why did you decide to make the main character, Hayashi, a beaver?

Master Panda: Beavers make their own homes, right? I think that's awesome! I've always respected them for this ability of theirs, hence my decision to make him the star!

anibee: What do you think makes Hayashi a charming character?

Master Panda: Is Hayashi a good guy - or a bad one? Even his friends don't really know what his intentions are, and I think that's what makes him cool. Won't you join us and discover the truth with us!

anibee: The manga has lots of parodies and references to other anime, games and manga. Is there a reason for this?

Master Panda: It's all because of Hayashi, he's always having these weird delusions in his head which he makes me draw! If I don’t do it, he'd start gnawing at my head! I'm quite unhappy with this, as are a lot of other people. Won't you help?!

anibee: Are you a fan of anime & manga? Please tell us what your favourites are!

Master Panda: Of course! I like the works of Yasuyuki Tokumitsu's "Gundam Musume" a lot - it''s really interesting! It'd be nice if you all in Singapore can get to read it.

anibee: A character that appears very often is the "Editor". Could you explain his background to us? Is he a real person?

Master Panda: Yes, he is the editor-in-chief of "Kero Kero Ace", a manga magazine in Japan. He's always fussing over every little minor matter with Hayashi, and his desk is always littered with tons of paper-airplanes thrown to him from other artists. Maybe that's why he's always so annoyed...

anibee: What is the most satisfying part of your job for you?

Master Panda: Getting letters and drawings from my readers is what makes me really happy! Now that everyone in Singapore is going to get a chance to read the manga, I hope it will make you all happy as well!

anibee: Please say a few words to the readers!

Master Panda: Please enjoy "Animal Tales", as I am sure you will find it entertaining! If you think up of any funny joke, I would love to hear from you as well. Thank you very much!!

Stay tuned for Hayashi's crazy antics, as Animal Tales starts in COCO!

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