Flights of Fancy

Like many other types of fiction, many genres of anime thrive on fantasy elements. Be it magical creatures, wacky superpowers, or paranormal phenomena, fantasy can add something special to an otherwise stale rendition of real life. It's no wonder that fans often wish to live in an anime world!

Here, we've tried to gather the best of what fantasy may offer. So, if you could bring just one thing from anime to reality, what would it be?

Elemental Powers


Earth, air, water, fire - since ancient times, classical elements like these have never failed to capture the human imagination. Today, they have become the basis for systems of magic, technology, and fighting power in a whole spectrum of modern titles, from the charming (Pokemon, Cardcaptor Sakura) to the explosive (One Piece, Air Gear).

Four's not enough? That's okay - common variations to the standard set include ice, electricity, metal, light, darkness, sound... with anime, the list is endless!

Time Travel


Many of us probably wish we could undo something we did in the past. For Konno Makoto (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time), this is nothing less than reality, as she gains the ability to literally leap backwards in time. With an endless summer, more time for fun, and infinite chances to change reality, what's not to like?

But of course, Makoto eventually finds that her time-travelling abilities come with a heavy price. If it ever became real, let's learn from her and try not to slip up...


My Neighbour Totoro

Well, maybe just the cute and friendly ones, like Studio Ghibli's Totoro here. But beware the shape-shifters, especially if they look harmless. Case in point: Can you tell that this chubby cat from Natsume Yuujinchou is secretly a powerful youkai?

Who, me?

Then again, the adventurous ones among us may prefer traditional mythical creatures, such as phoenixes, sea serpents and dragons. Which brings us to the next point…

More wishes?

Of course, one wish is never enough, and so the ultimate power for the ambitious would probably be a wish-granting ability, like that of the dragon Shenron from Dragonball Z. Oh, what we wouldn't give to own the seven Dragon Balls.

Wish-granting tools from Dragonball Z and Death Note

On a darker note (no pun intended), that black book over there also has the ability to grant wishes if used properly, but with the side effect of, uh, killing people. So… be careful what you wish for!

- SL

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