anibee Features: Kero Kero Ace Editor-in-Chief Mr. Tomoya Hirao!


If you're a long-time fan of manga, then you might already be familiar with long-time publication, Kerokero Ace.

Started in 2007, Kerokero Ace is a manga magazine that's synonymous with being the definitive boys' publication, providing quality shounen manga, game reviews, as well as promoting all sorts of merchandise.

We got to talk to the Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Tomoya Hirao, in an email interview. Let's see what he has to say about work at the magazine:

anibee: Hello, Hirao-san! How many years have you been working with Kerokero Ace?

Hirao: I have been at Kerokero Ace for 5 years now. Although I've since gained about 10kg and my savings are still as low as ever, I'm still going strong somehow, haha!

anibee: How did you get a job like this?

Hirao: I just happened to be lazing about one fine day at work when one fine day, the big-wigs went all "Hey, quit lazing about! Here's something for you to do - make yourself useful!!" and that's how I got the job!

anibee: What titles are you involved with?

Hirao: I was in-charge of "Mobile Suit Gundam: THE ORIGIN". Currently, I oversee "Cardfight!! Vanguard".

anibee: Are you a fan of anime & manga? Please tell us what your favourites are!

Hirao: I LOVE Dragon Ball! I think Freeza's final-form is freaking cool!!

anibee: Hirao-san, do you have any other hobbies?

Hirao: I like to watch ecchi anime when the wife's not around, tee-hee!

anibee: What do you look for, when selecting a title to appear in Kerokero Ace?

Hirao: Seeing how appealing and charismatic a manga's cast of characters is, is what's most important to me!

anibee: What is the most satisfying part of the job for you?

Hirao: I love reading all the various comments, thoughts and suggestions we receive from readers of Kerokero Ace, as it provides me with a lot of satisfaction and fun. Also - I get to play with tons of awesome toys. Sweet!

Surrounded by manga, art, games and toys? Sounds like an AWESOME job!!

- Q

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