anibee Features: A dialogue with "Legend" Writer and Director - Takaya Kagami and Itsurou Kawasaki!

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We've got a treat for you fans of Legend of the Legendary Heroes ("Legend")! Author of the original novels, Takaya Kagami, as well as series Director Itsurou Kawasaki, were able to share their thoughts & feelings regarding the series and franchise as a whole with us.

Check out the translated dialogue!

With 'Legend' 's TV broadcast coming to an end, please tell us what your current thoughts are!

Kawasaki: I would say it's both the best, yet the saddest time for me. It's a good time as I feel as if a huge burden has finally been lifted off my shoulders! It's sad as I now have to suddenly leave behind the world of "Legend", after all this time that it's occupied my mind. It has left me with a rather empty feeling I must say, something only a director or someone who has supervised many productions, inputting and deleting the data of many previous works, would understand I guess.

©2010 Takaya Kagami/Denyuuden Project

What about you, Kagami-sensei?

Kagami: During the recording of the last episode, everyone around me kept going "You're definitely going to cry, aren't you?".

Kawasaki: Hahaha, I remember that!

You've been working on "Legend" for about 10 years now - that's a long time!

Kagami: Indeed it has. Even though the novel is still on going (with "The Great Legend of the Legendary Heroes"), the anime adaptation of "Legend" has let me work with many talented cast and staff members over such a long period of time. I've also had the privilege of having many fans that have been following the series so closely. Although I can't help but feel a little lonely with the anime ending, it has given me the drive to continue to work hard on the novel!

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Director Kawasaki, when you started, had you read the original novel before?

Kawasaki: I read up on the original novel after I got the job offer, and that was when I really got into "Legend".

What element of "Legend" did you like the most?

Kawasaki: Kagami-sensei's style of pacing and build-up really resonated well with my personal rhythm of story telling. Personally, such an occurrence is rare for me, that the instant I read his works I instantly thought "This person shares the same passion as I do!" Having a balance of both comedy and serious moments was very much a deliberate choice. I feel that Kagami-sensei is truly a passionate story teller at heart.

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As a Director, did you manage to clear anything up with Kagami-sensei?

Kawasaki: For me, I had a lot of concerns regarding the possible emotions of characters in the various scenes, asking "What was running through this character's mind in this scene?" rather often. Another matter I enquired about was the fans' feelings. With a piece of work that's been on-going for 10 years, it's important to take note of the opinions of the fanbase as they grow and change. What they like, what moves them - I wanted to know and understand all of these things.

Kagami: That reminds me, you did want to know everything little detail about the publication. It was quite a challenge for me to remember such things from almost 10 years ago haha! However, to have fans even amongst the staff of a long-running work is really a great thing. To be involved in the production of a series that you have followed from your school days, it must be a really exciting thing for them!

©2010 Takaya Kagami/Denyuuden Project

That must have been a wonderful surprise for you!

Kagami: Most definitely. They can answer any question related to the series, and know all the details even better than I do hahaha! They really are a wonderful group to work with!

Your readers have been giving you a lot of support!

Kagami: I am extremely grateful for that! To have an audience that has loyally followed and supported your works for over 10 years now really moves me. I am glad that I have been given the opportunity to closely supervise its production and properly direct all the scenes that meant a lot to me from before. Being able to proudly say "I am finally living the dream from my youth!" is truly a privilege.

©2010 Takaya Kagami/Denyuuden Project

Finally, please give a message to all your fans!

Kawasaki: Thank you very much for supporting us all this while. I would very much like to see an adaptation of "The Great Legend of the Legendary Heroes". Please keep supporting Kagami-sensei's works, and I hope to be called upon to direct once again! Please let all your friends & acquaintances know about the charm & appeal of "Legend"!

Kagami: Thank you so much for your support! I would not have been able to do this for as long as I have been without your help. I am grateful that the serious, yet comical nature of "Legend" has been so well received by everyone - we certainly won't be human if life was just all of one thing haha! I hope that you all have enjoyed the anime very much, and have learnt to love it for its own merits and the hard work the team has put in. I am eternally grateful to you all!

©2010 Takaya Kagami/Denyuuden Project

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- Edited & Translated by Q

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