anibee Doujinshi Feature of the Month : Htut

Doujinshi Htut HMNA drawings

Another Doujinshi artist steps up to the plate to be featured right here on anibee! This month's artist not only does art, but has a knack for creating personalised little products too - let's talk to Htut!

Doujinshi Htut sneakers drawings

anibee: Tell us a bit about yourself, as well as a brief run through of some of the works you have done!

Htut: Hi everyone, my name is Htut Myatnoe Aung, 19, a soon-to-be engineering freshman. I've never attended an art school, but I draw and doodle a lot since I was a kid.

Doujinshi Htut HMNA character green Doujinshi Htut HMNA character blue

Now I mainly draw anime/manga art, but I also love attending various art workshops and experimenting. I go by H.M.N.A on Deviantart, and hosted an artist booth for fun with my friend at EOY 2011.

Doujinshi Htut booth display

Most of my artwork nowadays are fan art, because the inspiration is easy to come by, but I also produce some original art every now and then. I also like making art related gifts like tees, shoes, and bookmarks.

Doujinshi Htut HMNA creative socks

Doujinshi Htut HMNA Fan art Naruto

Doujinshi Htut Meme rainbow sneakers design

Doujinshi Htut T-shirt slogans

anibee: How long have you been practising as a Doujinshi artist?

Htut: I've been drawing since I was a kid. My first ever published drawing was when I was 4! Haha.

Doujinshi Htut 4 year old piece

(Translation: My Little House, Htut Myatnoe Aung (4 Years Old))

I only first got introduced to the anime & manga fandom when I was around 16, and I started trying out manga style drawings a year after. So I'd say I don't know half the things a fully-fledged doujinshi artist should know! When I draw, I incorporate my own style a lot into the drawings, even if I intend it to be purely manga style.

Doujinshi Htut Mini me comic strip Doujinshi Htut Mini me and teddy comic strip

anibee: What were some of your earliest inspirations?

Htut: My very first anime/manga was Naruto. If it was not for Masashi Kishimoto, I don't think I'll be drawing this much now, seriously. I collect his art books, official and unofficial guides. And it's not just the artwork. Even though I tend to hop from various TV shows and types of movies, I think I stick to anime because I'm intrigued by stories that teach us about friendship, courage, hope and laughter. Naruto is still one of my biggest inspirations.

Nowadays, I get most of my inspiration from Deviantart.

Doujinshi Htut Naruto school fanart Doujinshi Htut Naruto library fanart

Doujinshi Htut Naruto Sakura fanart Doujinshi Htut Naruto basketball fanart

Doujinshi Htut Naruto tree fanart

anibee: What tools do you normally use?

Htut: Usually just any piece of blank paper, and a pencil would do for sketches. I use normal black tip pens for traditional inking also. I experiment with crayons, pencil colours, watercolours, and poster colours for traditional drawings (I'm still trying to get the hang of them!)

Doujinshi Htut pinic

For digital drawings, I use TOOYA Penpower tablet and Adobe Photoshop.

Doujinshi Naruto friends fanart

anibee: What are your thoughts on the local manga & comic artist community?

Htut: I think Singapore has a lot of talented artists, but I personally feel there aren't many community events for everyone to come together.

Doujinshi Htut inspiration

anibee: Will you be participating in any events this year?

Htut: As of now, I don't have a set plan yet. I'd love to participate in STGCC, but I'll be overseas by then.

Doujinshi Htut love pinic

anibee: What are your plans for the future?

Htut: My immediate plan is to complete my first fan doujinshi I started recently, and create art whenever I feel inspired.

Doujinshi Htut animal

My ultimate plan would be to eventually create my own manga (it'll be a dream come true to see people cosplaying as my own characters!) and to have an artist product brand like Smiggles, Artbox, or Doodolls, even though art would always remain to be my side-line hobby.

Doujinshi Htut Fake TV True Beauty Doujinshi Htut Fake TV True Beauty

Check out more of Htut's works at:!

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