Top Five Memorable Anime Scenes

Like any kind of art, anime can be very subjective. What is award-winning to one person may just be pedestrian fare for another. So, just what makes good anime?

Since we're sure no two fans will have the same answer, we've taken the liberty of looking out for some unusual, notable, even defining moments that stand out in-series. Hopefully, some of these five favourites (in no particular order) will strike a chord:

Death Note Episode 18: Light vs. L fight scene

Deathnote picture

In an intellectually intense anime like Death Note, it's not often that you get to see a physical fight scene. But that's exactly what happens here, with surprisingly hilarious results. Watching the two main characters duke it out for real (with those handcuffs, no less), you can't help feeling that those insane geniuses are merely human after all.

Spirited Away: Chihiro remembers Haku's true name

Spirited Away picture

While flying on the back of the dragon Haku, Chihiro realises that Haku's true name was a part of her childhood memories, and sets him free from his master Yubaba. Cue the famous romantic sequence where they fall through the air, holding hands and rejoicing, while beautiful music plays in the background - a truly stunning example from Studio Ghibli's portfolio.

FMA Brotherhood Episode 2: Edward meets Truth

Fullmetal Alchemist picture

Surreal and symbolic, this is strangely one of the most enjoyable scenes in the second adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist. The exchange between 'God' and the young Edward is so well-scripted it's almost legendary; after watching it a few times, you may even find yourself chanting along. (Arui wa kami, arui wa shinri, arui wa zen, arui wa ichi…)

If you like this scene, you'll probably like the series.

Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 11 - Kazehaya's Proposal?

Kimi ni Todoke picture

Every good romance needs one or two nosy people to nudge it along, and Pin does this so splendidly that we're not sure if it's a success or a disaster. The fact that poor, innocent Sawako actually took the 'proposal' seriously (to Kazehaya's horror) makes it all the more hilarious. Good job, Pin!

One Piece Episode 312: The Viking Funeral

One piece picture

At the risk of spoilers, this scene was added to the list for being a major turning point in a light-hearted adventure. For the first time, the characters and fans have to face a sobering thought - that something close to them can die, and come to an end.

More than the action and adventure, the tearful apologies and nostalgic flashbacks make this funeral a classic moment in the epic saga that is One Piece.

- SL

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