Anibee Doujunshi Features: Yusri

Amethyst And Gantai

Artists use all kinds of mediums to produce their artworks with, and doujinshi artists are no exception. We talk to Yusri, a doujinshi artist who uses Flash to produce his fan works, as well as some original creations of his own!

anibee: Tell us a bit about yourself, as well as a brief run through of some of the works you have done!

Yusri: My name is Yusri and I like to entertain. I have done illustrations of my characters and illustrations of other artists' characters. I have done comics and Flash content. My works can be found in my deviantART gallery (


anibee: How long have you been practising as a doujinshi artist?

Yusri: I have been practising at my own pace for almost 12 years.

Mini Mandy And Grim Junior

anibee: What were some of your earliest inspirations?

Yusri: Animations by Disney and Warner Brothers.

National Day 2011

anibee: What will be an ideal piece of artwork to you?

Yusri: I love a piece of artwork which is made up of detailed vectors.

anibee: What are your thoughts on practising as a doujinshi artist in Singapore?

Yusri: It comes with challenges which require lots of effort, luck and patience to overcome.

Nio And Namo

anibee: What are your plans for the future?

Yusri: I plan to continue practising and to finish a comic which I have been working on for a few years.

- Interviewed by Lana

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