Burst - and Accelerate!

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If life were truly a game, wouldn't it have a character select screen? And if it did, how many of us would stick to our default choice? This is a question that has probably popped into one's head now and then when self-esteem starts to run low, and few people have it quite as bad as Haruyuki "Haru" Arita.

Born in a year where advanced neuro-synchronisation technology; where all five bodily senses can be linked into a virtual world for a fully immerse experience; has become the norm, short & chubby Haru spends most of his time alone playing an online squash game where he can forget his self-esteem issues.

Enter Kuroyukihime, the Student Council Vice-President of his school, and one of the prettiest girls on campus. She offers Haru 'Brain Burst' - a mysterious program that jacks anyone into the 'Accelerated World'.

There, Haru is Silver Crow, a mighty warrior with amazing strength and abilities. But what is the true purpose to the Accelerated World - and what dangers lie beyond its virtual walls?

Image source: Gematsu

Having debuted in Japan this April, 'Accel World' has quickly become one of the hottest new anime around! A cast featuring many familiar voices, slick visuals, and a bevy of hot musical talent, this is one show to keep an eye out for!

Are you ready to burst into the Accelerated World?

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