anibee's Most 'Otaku-friendly' Anime List

Any show can be an 'anime' these days.

However, it takes a special kind of attention to give it that little quality that touches a viewer in that special way. What we're presenting here, are some anime that we feel, do just that.

These are just a few titles in the genre known as 'Parody Anime' that give a little 'wink-nudge' that only real otakus understand!

Lucky Star

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Starring several big name seiyuus such as Aya Hirano and Daisuke Ono, Lucky Star's specialisation in a multitude of pop-culture, anime, otaku and sometimes just plain random humour, quickly cemented it as a 'definitive' parody anime to many.

Cosplay café references! Popular anime character cameos! Video game parodies! One's enjoyment of Lucky Star is most certainly amplified by how deep into otaku culture one is - for a good reason!

Excel Saga

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Ever wondered what'd happen if you put a few writers on a huge caffeine & sugar high, and lock them in a room together? You'd probably get something as insane as Excel Saga.

Arguably one of the first few parody anime, if its numerous amounts of otaku-laden references don't drive you insane, its rapid-fire delivery certainly will! Almost anything and everything in the show makes no sense; and yet somehow makes complete sense at the same time. Definitely a show to check out for the passionate otaku, but be warned - the final OVA episode is definitely not work safe!

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

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This Gainax goldie tends to get overlooked for its more famous cousins such as Neon Genesis Evangelion and Panty & Stocking, it's definitely a great show for one who is familiar with otaku culture.

Its unique plot not only allows it free reign to parody a whole plethora of anime and game genres, but it also makes it a genuinely engaging show underneath all the jokes. Check out the episode parodying the 'dating sim' game genre - comedy gold!

Azumanga Daioh

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A huge favourite despite not bearing any slick animation or glitzy designs, Azumanga Daioh is the source of many jokes, references, and internet memes that we see all-too-often today (heard of "Mai Waifu"?)!

Instead of relying on pop-culture jokes, Azumanga Daioh instead takes digs at various aspects of Japan itself - the language, the food, and even how the Japanese people react to English-speaking foreigners! Hilarious and thought-provoking!

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