Ani-Voice!: Chiwa Saitou

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Who's that female character with a highly spunky, hyper-active, and sometimes just outright zany voice? Chances are it's most likely the voice of Chiwa Saitou!

Starting her career around 2001 with the role of Kokoro in the anime 'Kokoro Library', Saitou is a member of voice acting group MORE PEACH SUMMER SNOW, which was formed by her and fellow seiyuu.

While Saitou is extremely multi-talented and versatile in the wide variety of personalities she has portrayed in her voice work, she is undeniably famous for her amazing ability to portray female characters who are tough, head strong, and stubborn!

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Saitou's done it all; from the big sisterly Natsumi from 'Keroro Gunsou', the spunky roller blade riding-girl Subaru from 'Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS', the quiet Homura from 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica' and even the outright borderline insane Kemeko from 'Kemeko Deluxe'!

While all these females are vastly different characters in their own right, they all tend to share one thing in common - they are tough, strong, and ready to fight and protect those they love and care for!

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Saitou has many other talents as well, such as her passion for karaoke, and can often be heard singing the songs of a couple of anime she has appeared in!

For a female character that is no-nonsense, yet still is likeable and undeniably a girl at heart at the end of the day - Saitou's your woman!

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