anibee Features: Lee Lian!

If you're big on the manga drawing scene, then you're likely to be aware of the existence of Doujinshi artists and their groups, called 'Circles'.

Roughly translating to a self-published artist, these individuals draw a variety of manga based on existing characters and properties, and publish their works to be sold. While prevalent mostly in Japan, we happen to have a few of our own Doujinshi artists in Singapore too! We get to talk to one, Lee Lian:

anibee: Tell us a bit about yourself, as well as a brief run through of some of the works you have done!

Lee Lian: I've always been a doodler as a kid and my textbooks and notes were constantly covered with scribbles! My first encounter with the anime style was when I was 18. That was when I was introduced to the world of manga by my classmate, and there has been no turning back since! Although simple, I chose this style of drawing as there are many emotions that can be conveyed and clearly seen due to the simplicity. Most of my artworks are fanart as it easier for me to get inspired and come up with an illustration of a character or scene which I enjoyed in an anime or manga! For that exact same reason, original works from me are few and far between, but they still happen especially if I'm feeling strongly about something at that point of time.

anibee: How long have you been practising as a doujinshi artist?

Lee Lian: I started my art page way back in 1999, back then I believe my website was hosted by GeoCities! Events wise, I think my very first one was the Miyuki Cosplay event in 2000 which was held in one of the Suntec city function rooms. What an experience it was! I have been a booth owner at the event ever since.

anibee: What were some of your earliest inspirations?

Lee Lian: When I first started, most of my inspirations came from Japanese online artists like Carnelian, Galaxy Child, GotoP etc. As my interest in digital illustration increased, I moved on to forums such as CGSociety to learn from the awesome artists from the world over. That was an eye opener for me as these forums exposed me to a lot of different techniques that could be used in digital art.

anibee: What tools do you normally use?

Lee Lian: I'm more of a digital artist, so I use my Wacom tablet most of the time. My preferred CGing software is PaintTool SAI as well as Adobe Photoshop.

anibee: What events will you be participating in this year?

Lee Lian: This year I would most likely be attending Cosfest as well as Anime Festival Asia!

anibee: What are your plans for the future?

Lee Lian: I believe drawing will strictly remain as a hobby (instead of a full fledged career) but I do hope to be able to come up with a solo work sometime in the future!

Check out Lee Lian's gorgeous artwork at her deviantArt page at and her webpage at!

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