Ani-Voice!: Daisuke Ono

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When it comes to being the King of Cool, few other seiyuu do it quite as well as Daisuke Ono - who is all that, and then some!

Born in Kochi Prefecture and the winner of many awards, Ono made his debut in 2002 and has been dazzling audiences with his magnificently cool-as-ice voice since then!

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Able to portray all the usual tried-and-true male tropes such as the youthful Shota from Full Metal Panic, and the relatively hot-blooded Kazuma Yagami from Kaze no Stigma, Ono's talents don't merely end there.

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Ono is without a shred of doubt, best known for his portrayal of mature, suave, slick, and other wise uber cool, screaming-and-swooning-fangirl-magnet type characters. We are of course, talking about individuals in the likes of Itsuki Koizumi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Sven Cal Bayan from Gundam Seed Stargazer, and perhaps most famously (or is that infamous?) - Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji!

Having an amazing portfolio despite being at a relatively young age, Ono has quickly amassed himself a huge fanbase, and rightfully so. With his vocal work that's both diverse and distinct, Ono's still not above having a little silly fun, having appeared as 'himself' in anime like Lucky Star where he jokes about his usual character-types!

Suave, youthful-yet-mature, and a sense of humour to boot - if there's one person all aspiring young male seiyuu should strive to be, that's Daisuke Ono for sure!

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