Lovin' our Legends!

It's probably safe to say that almost anyone loves a good story. It's also safe to say that when it comes to stories, it's always the old classics that many of us go back to time and again. With popular, iconic stories, comes the inevitable adaptations, and anime is no exception.

While we can talk 'till we're blue in the face debating about the faithfulness-to-original-story-versus-creative-license issue, none can deny the fact that these anime are proof of the timelessness of these stories we love and cherish.

Let's talk about a few of them!

Anime based on Romance of the 3 Kingdoms (Sangokuden)

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Title: Durarara!!

This cool, edgy little gem of an anime released back in 2010, provided us an interesting take on the classic tale of war and betrayal. While its connection to the tale is extremely loose, lying mostly in the colour gang-conflict subplot, it still helped to add a bit of extra flair to this popular show.

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Title: Ikkitousen

What does a tale about betrayal, love and war between massive kingdoms have in common with schoolgirls who fight and rip clothing off each other? Not much actually… but that didn't stop Ikkitousen from getting lots of attention and notoriety (or perhaps it's because of these things) that somehow made the show work for some audiences.

Anime based on the Warring States/Sengoku period

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Title: Sengoku Basara

A tale most likely only fully known by Japanese and studiers of Japanese history, that's not stopped studios from adapting the tale's rich mythos, creating some of the most popular anime around. What we have here is a prime example of this!

Created by game company, Capcom, Sengoku Basara's become insanely popular with its hip interpretation of the historic tale and daring portrayal of its figures - such as the cocky, swaggering, 7-sword-wielding and 'Engrish' spouting Date Masamune!

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Title: Brave 10

This recent title made big waves with its production values and strong cast, including popular seiyuu such as Daisuke Ono! Many have drawn comparisons of the show to the likes of Naruto, with its jutsu-heavy action, but we think that's what helps give this show a flavour of its own.

Anime based on Journey to the West (Saiyuki)

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Title: Gensomaden Saiyuki

Based on the hit manga series serialised in G-Fantasy from 1997-2002, this year 2000 anime has become a modern classic in its own right. With its entertaining interpretations of the beloved characters from the tale, it's easy to see why. We especially liked how the normally faithful steed of our heroes was made into a Jeep! Brilliant insanity at its finest!

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Title: The Dragonball series

It's nearly impossible to talk about anime and the Journey to the West these days without mention of the mega-franchise that is Dragonball!

Sure it's sometimes overly-long fights and endless character powerups and hammy dialogue has been the subject of many parodies (it's over 9000!!). But the fact that so many of such things have been done is testament to the staying power of this series. Kamehameha!!!

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