Ani-Voice!: Haruka Tomatsu

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What do a ditzy alien princes, a self-proclaimed shrine goddess and an absent minded school girl all have in common? The voice of a talented young individual, Haruka Tomatsu, and today's focus on Ani-Voice!

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Making her voice actress debut in 2007, Tomatsu has managed to earn herself several major roles in various Anime, as well as being able to manage a singing career under record company, Music Ray’n.

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From the flighty antics of Lala in To Love Ru, to the extreme haughtiness of Nagi in Kannagi and the perkiness of Mileina Vashti, Tomatsu shows an impressive vocal range as a seiyuu despite her young age, possessing an infectious kind of energy in her performances no matter the setting of the show she's in!

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Tomatsu's prowess as a singer has also allowed her to do the opening and closing songs for several Anime in which she voices for, such as Motto Hade Ni Ne for Kannagi. Not bad for an actress that's still attending university!

With her sweet singing vocals and versatile voice, Tomatsu's the kind of seiyuu that’s easy to like. We'd definitely be keeping an eye on her! You can hear her performance right now as Kisaragi in GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class, so tune in now!

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