Awesome April Additions!

Spring is in the air! And with spring, comes lots of things to look forward to; Sakura petals! Picnics in the park under a nice warm sun! Oh wait, that's just in Japan where they actually have Sakura petals and weather that's stable enough for picnics (no dangers of 'ponding' for them to worry about). But don't be too glum - you still have anibee, and we have an awesome new title arriving soon for your viewing delectation!

©Kiyuduki Satoko, Houbunsha/GA Partnership

From the pages of the popular 4-koma (4 paneled manga) by artist, Satoko Kiyuzuki, comes the ultimate marriage of 'slice-of-life' antics and... art?

©Kiyuduki Satoko, Houbunsha/GA Partnership

That's right - unlike other anime in this genre, instead of focusing on school life or pop-culture, GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class is about 5 girls who attend the same art class.

©Kiyuduki Satoko,Houbunsha/GA Partnership

An explosive tom-boy, a manipulative 'princess-type', and a quiet intellectual... with the ability to talk to animals all thrown together! Along with genuine tips and trivia on art and drawing, this is one show that will most likely educate you as much as it will make your sides split (with laughter of course)!

©Kiyuduki Satoko, Houbunsha/GA Partnership

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