DOGS: Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark

©Shirow Miwa/SHUEISHA

Take a trip away from a mundane routine and dive into the unknown realms of the murky realms of life this December. You will encounter 4 infamous characters from DOGS and be engulfed in their struggle for survival. The underworld is dark and dank, but it's no better above ground. Four mercenaries are doomed by fate and tortured by their pasts. Nonetheless, they live by their guns and swords to survive.

Each dog has a story to tell: Mihai was betrayed by his apprentice, Badou is a fugitive informant, Naoto lives for vengeance, and Heine was genetically modified to kill. Adapted based on a popular manga, this anime is sure to keep a look out for.

Part-mafia, part-noir, DOGS was produced by David Production, which worked on Code Geass and Soul Eater previously. This is a blood-drenched anime peppered with bullets. If you like your visceral action served a la pulp fiction, watch it.

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