The Voices of Hanasaku Iroha

In run-of-the-mill anime, studios are constrained by small budgets and produce low-quality animation, which makes voice acting in anime extremely important. Voice actors, known as 'seiyu', have to make the anime exciting while bringing their characters to life with emotion. While Hanasaku Iroha's animation leaves run-of-the-mill anime in the dust, its seiyu make the anime great. Let's look at the talents behind our favourite characters.

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Ohana Matsumae by Kanae Ito

You may know her as Shugo Chara!'s Amu Himamori or One Piece's young Boa Hancock. But either way, Kanae Ito has been in dozens of well known anime and clocks in another star-making performance here. Her experience and enthusiasm helps paint Ohana's complex and energetic character.

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Minko Tsurugi by Chiaki Omigawa

In reality, Chiaki Omigawa has a really soft, nice voice, but she is usually tapped to play girls with hard voices, which is just right for the rigid and fierce Minko who sports a soft side for Tohru. She became famous after her recent debut in Soul Eater (2008) as Maka.

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Nako Oshimizu by Aki Toyosaki

Need a sweet, shy voice that can be strong? Look no further than Aki Toyosaki who also played A Certain Scientific Railgun's Kazari and sang the theme songs of Hanasaku Iroha and Hatsukoi Limited. According to Oricon, she was the 6th top selling seiyu in 2010, with cast mate Haruka Tomatsu following at 7th.

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Yuina Wakura by Haruka Tomatsu

Yuina is a comic character who acts like a princess and speaks in fake Japanese accents at a whim. Haruka Tomatsu, who's starred in Ano Hana, Durarara!!, Gundam, To Love-Ru and plays Yumiko in Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou, does a great job of Yuina.

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