Something wicked this way comes...

This month of October, what better way to bring on the Halloween chills than to pick up a new anime? From horror mysteries, to supernatural fantasy and even gothic romance, Anibee presents a countdown of ten must-watch series to kick-start your celebrations!

10) Vampire Knight

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Yuki Cross attends Cross Academy, a boarding school with a Day Class and a Night Class. Together with Zero Kiryuu, she guards the school and its dark secret.

Can vampires and humans co-exist in a Twilight-style romance? Find out on anibee!

9) DOGS: Stray dogs howling in the dark

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In this dystopian world rife with violence, crime and genetic manipulation, four protagonists gather to find a way into the underground, looking for answers to their individual pasts.

Fans of violent horror will enjoy Dogs' dark conspiracy and stylish gunplay. For more, stay tuned to anibee this December!

8) Soul Eater

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In a Shinigami technical school, weapon meisters and their human weapons begin a quest to collect 99 evil souls and one witch soul, while defending Death City from various powerful creatures.

An action-comedy with a colourful cast and quirky, imaginative designs, Soul Eater promises a crazy ride of tricks and treats!

7) Natsume Yujin-Cho

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Since childhood, Natsume Takashi could see spirits. When he inherits his late grandmother's "Book of Friends", he begins a journey with a spirit cat to free various spirits from the book's binding contracts.

Each wonderful, relaxing episode offers a uniquely sentimental story about spirit-human relationships. Try it on anibee!

6) xxxHolic

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Watanuki Kimihiro often attracts unwanted spirits, but he meets a mysterious woman Yuuko, who agrees to help him if he works at her strange wish-granting store.

Creepy and funny, dark and fantastic, this beautiful rendition of Clamp's manga is a great starting point for newcomers to the supernatural genre.

5) Mushishi

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Ginko is a "mushishi", a researcher of the paranormal mushi, the most basic of lifeforms. On his travels, he mediates human-mushi affairs as he seeks an explanation for the mushi's enigmatic existence.

This brilliantly atmospheric series features intricate, emotional storytelling and impressive attention to detail.

4) Witch Hunter Robin

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Robin, a "craft user", joins an organisation that captures witches - people who have awakened their special psychic powers. But eventually, Robin starts to question the act of witch-hunting, and fears being hunted herself...

Ideal for sophisticated audiences, this dark, subtle story unravels little by little into a grand mystery, with a finishing touch of romance and morality.

3) Hellsing: Ultimate

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The Hellsing Organisation protects Great Britain from all its supernatural foes. The story follows two Hellsing employees, the antiheroic vampire Alucard and Seras Victoria, as they uncover a sinister Neo-Nazi plot to destroy London.

No Halloween list is complete without Alucard's insane grin. Expect to see plenty of gore and villainous heroism in this OVA, which easily outshines its TV counterpart for its first-rate art and dedicated production.

2) Death Note

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Ace student Light Yagami stumbles upon a Death Note, a notebook with the power to kill any individual. Using it, he embarks on a grand scheme to rid the world of criminals, gaining fame as the mysterious killer Kira.

Death Note is definitely in a class of its own when it comes to supernatural mysteries. Even without its elegant graphics, the intelligent plot and outstanding characterisation already make this a solid masterpiece.

And finally, here's our Halloween champion...

1) Spirited Away

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While moving to their new home, 10-year-old Chihiro's family enters an abandoned theme park. At night, it becomes a world of spirits, who turn her parents into pigs for eating their food. Stranded and frightened, Chihiro begins a journey of courage and friendship to rescue her parents and return home.

This is the first Japanese animated film to win an Academy Award, and for good reasons. Miyazaki has a knack for creating new and delightfully rich worlds, full of original characters that are bizarre and yet remarkably real. Spirited Away demonstrates Miyazaki's magic at its best, with story, art and music weaving together an enchanting tale that will captivate viewers of any genre.

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