Magical Girl Fights Crime in Japan

In Singapore, we have Tim Sum Dollies and Phua Chu Kang imploring passengers to be courteous on MRTs and buses. In Matsudo, a city near Tokyo, they have magical girls fighting crime and promoting Zero Crime Day!

To encourage youths in crime prevention, the city commissioned artist Nanaroku to come up with this magical girl police poster. Decked out in the vein of Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailormoon and Madoka Magica, this spritely girl wields her magical police baton.


The city is flooded with this poster: from police stations to gymnasiums, citizens' centers to other public areas. You can see it at train stations, bulletin boards and even the Chamber of Commerce. It's pretty cool that an entire city would embrace an anime character so wholeheartedly. Zero Crime Day marks the 15th every month in Matsudo. Talk about anime having civic responsibility!

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