Samurai 7: Swords of Blood and Honor

Let's go to a futuristic alternate universe, where samurai and robots roam feudal Japan. The Great War has just ended, and Nobuseri bandits are wiping helpless villages of lives and possessions. The Nobuseri are not normal men - they have mechanized themselves into cyborgs.

It's the last straw, literally and figuratively, for one village. They send Kirara, a young priestess, into the city to search and hire samurai to destroy the Nobuseri. She meets seven unique and worthy samurai, but bravery is not enough. How will they come together and defeat the bandits?

This 2004 steampunk action classic is a reboot of Akira Kurosawa's critical film Seven Samurai. Once aired all across the world, anibee brings Samurai 7 back to you by popular demand here.

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