Dragon Crisis Fires Up anibee: Ep 1-3 Review

anibee presents its first 2011 title... Dragon Crisis! A light novel series adapted by Studio Deen, Dragon Crisis is about Kisaragi Ryuji, a breaker, who meets a dragon, Rose. Together, they go on adventures, make friends, and fight against the evil of this world.

Dragon Crisis has been airing in Japan since 11 January 2011, and now you can watch it on anibee!

© Kaya Kizaki, Izki Akata/SHUEISHA,DORAKURA! committee

What Happened in Episodes 1-3

Kisaragi Ryuji is a high school student and a Level Ten breaker. In other words, his day job is being a student, and after school he resumes being one of the best relic handlers. These relics are Lost Precious with magic stored in them. One day, Ryuji is dragged off by his cousin, Eriko, to steal a suitcase from Onyx and a shootout-cum-car chase begins. Suddenly, a girl pops out of the suitcase and blasts the enemies away with fire. She's a dragon! The next day, they go to the breaker society to test this dragon-girl, Rose, but Onyx, also a dragon, breaks her out of the facility. Ryuji goes to save her. To defeat Onyx, he engages with Rose for the ultimate combined power.

© Kaya Kizaki, Izki Akata/SHUEISHA,DORAKURA! committee

Our Take

The first three episodes comprise Dragon Crisis' introductory arc, and perfectly set the tone of the series. Romantic comedy and action thriller, episodes 1-3 lay the foundation of what is to come. There's light fan service, beginnings of a love triangle that later evolves into a harem, and some nice action.

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