anibee's Ultimate Otaku Outing - The ONLY Otaku-centric guide to Tokyo!

Heya gang! We hope you've enjoyed all the material we've done with our little trip to Tokyo, Japan!


If this is your first time reading this and are planning a trip there soon, you're in luck! Let us show you the best locations to visit while you're there with these handy-little articles.

But this isn't any ordinary tour brochure mind you - we cover all the best eating spots, shopping locations, and other quirky stuff that appeals SPECIFICALLY to the otaku and otaku-in-us!

#1 Onward to Japan! - Where it all starts!

#2 Inside Ikebukuro Part 1: Butlers Galore - Our visit to the Butler Café!

Inside Ikebukuro Part 2 - We check out some awesome anime stores!

#3 Onward to ACE! - We visit the Anime Contents Expo; the biggest, newest event in Japan!

#4 Ikebukuro Eats! - Our little culinary discovery!

#5 Ueno Park Hanami! - A must-see sight; Sakura!

#6 Akihabara Attack! - A concise tour of the otaku mecca of Japan!

#7 Matsuya Meals! - Serene's amazing new food obsession!

#8 Kamen Rider The Diner - Q takes a trip to a must-see location for fans of the Bug Men!

#9 Lotteria Burger - A taste of uniquely Japanese fast food.

#10 Nakano Broadway - Vintage toys, figures, memorabilia and more!

#11 Maidreamin Maid Café - Serene evaluates one of Japan's largest maid café franchises!

Whether you're after that rare figure, wondering what event to attend, or simply are looking for an 'alternative' trip - we've got you covered!

- Q

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