anibee's Ultimate Otaku Outing - Lotteria Burger!

While hopping around in Japan (have you checked out all our previous articles in this series?), one's bound to get hungry.

This is especially the case when running around Harajuku, with all those clothes stores all over the place! Whenever I'm there, I always pop by my favourite joint; Lotteria Burger.

One of several made-in-Japan fast food chains in the country, Lotteria Burger differs slightly from its peers like MOS Burger and Freshness Burger by being significantly more 'American' in its stylings.

That said however, there still is a fair bit of Japanese flair to its offerings, one of which is perhaps my new favourite - the Ultimate Cheeseburger!

Called the 絶品チーズバーガー (Zeppin Chiizubaagaa), this item was introduced into the menu a couple of years ago, and looks incredibly inviting from its lovely-looking promotional poster.

When in hand however, the burger itself looks shockingly small - barely the size of a standard cheeseburger from the likes of McDonalds! For a fairly high price tag for the meal (almost 700yen), it's normal for one to be initially skeptical.

But after you take a bite... that's an entirely different story!

The instant you set your teeth on this baby, gushes of fresh flavour comes flowing through your tastebuds. The meat, the huge slab of bacon, and course - the cheese! Oh my!!


With the meat patty being a surprisingly decent size and the exquisite quality of the cheese and even the bun, the Ultimate Cheeseburger is really worth at least a try, and is a good indicator of the food in Lotteria Burger.

If you're a fan of cheeseburgers (and especially cheese), definitely give this a try. Good things do come in small packages!

- Q

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