anibee's Ultimate Otaku Outing - Kamen Rider The Diner!

Anyone who's a fan of the flying-kicking, scarf-wearing, bug men of action knows the deal when it comes to showing your fandom. Buying belts, figures, and of course, watching the show, are all no-brainer activities that more than suffice.

But how about a different sort of experience? Like say... food!

That's right - we're talking about none other than a little caféof kick-ass located in Ikebukuro; Kamen Rider The Diner!

During our trip to ACE, I managed to slip away for an evening to make my personal little 'pilgrimage' to this charming little place - and what a surprise it was.

Mostly decked out to look like the chamber of the Great Leaders of Shocker (ala Tsuksa/Decade in All Riders vs Dai Shocker), there's slick black walls and appropriately lavish red carpeting everywhere.

With Rider costumes in glass display cabinets, a merchandise corner and best of all; the throne for any would-be Shocker Leader to perch on and give his command to take over the world; the 'Rider-ness' is all here in Full Force (no pun intended)!

It wouldn't be complete of course, without a large TV screen at the side that has a constant loop of Rider footage. Namely; a loop of all the opening sequences from every Rider show ever!

While not too large a place, the décor and ambience are really cosy, yet 'Rider' enough to please fans (and the non-fans who have been dragged along). A little corner with a plethora of Kamen Rider Belts and toys for the kids (and kids at heart) to play with round things out.

But what about the food, you ask?

Providing a small, but concise menu of your usual semi-western fare, the Rider Diner has salads, pastas, gratins and desserts.

Naturally, every single dish is Rider in motif in one way or another; some being a little abstract, while others proudly pledging their series allegiance! The menu changes periodically, so if your favourite Rider doesn't seem to have a dish, he just might in the future!


Do take note that you must make an advanced booking (at least 2-3 days) or else you won't be allowed in. That's right, no walk-ins!


While slightly pricey, the standard of the food is really decent, and definitely makes every Rider fan feel right at home. At the very least, it's worth a trip just to take a seat on the Shocker Throne!


Check out the current menu, as well as make YOUR booking at Kamen Rider The Diner, at their Official Website.

A place filled with vintage goodies - and one of the best Maid Cafes around? Stay tuned - we still have more to show in anibee's Ultimate Otaku Outing!

- Q

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