anibee's Ultimate Otaku Outing - Matsuya Meals!

Hi everyone! I hope you still remember the Japan trip that Q and I had back in April! We're almost at the end of the whole series of articles for the trip now, so thank you so much for your patience and reading our entries! :3
Moving on!

It's understandable that sometimes due to overshopping for goodies in a glorious country like Japan, we can find ourselves running a little short on cash for food (because we still want to spend more). Thus! This article will be telling you all about the wonders of Matsuya!

To sum Matsuya up in one sentence - who says you can't get food's that cheap AND good? :D

Indeed, Matsuya's a place with deliciously good food (not that anywhere in Japan doesn't have good food, truth to be told)! The best part is that this good food is well affordable as well! This is a place where your wallet and tummy will definitely come to terms on. :> The plus point is that Matsuya is open 24 hours!

Look at all that food available! ;_____; I miss this place a whole lot.

Anyways, Q and I had our breakfast at Matsuya (Ikebukuro outlet near Sunshine Plaza) for our second day in Japan.
I ordered a beef bowl set which comes with a miso soup, while Q ordered curry rice.

I love how their ordering system works! It makes everything so systematic and trouble-free. All we have to do as customers is to go to the touch-screen machine and select what meal we would like to buy. That includes the drinks, and all the add-ons for meals as well. Payment is also done at the machine.

This kind of ordering system makes it really hassle-free for the workers there. There's no need for any money handling for them, and it helps to lessen queues for us customers as well. If only this kind of ordering system can appear in Singapore! I wonder if it'll help ease the 'human congestion. Hmmm.

So basically, after you've ordered your meals at the machine, you should receive these ticket stubs. All you need to do is to hand the stubs to the workers there, and your meal will be prepared. :>




So, for 280 yen, I had a HUGE beef bowl which I topped up with miso soup. Awesome food with decent prices! The beef was soft and not overcooked - just right, in fact; the miso soup was not your ordinary miso soup (unlike the powdered ones that we normally have in Singapore). It's a seafood miso soup with a lot of ingredients in it!

I managed to finish the beef bowl because the beef was soooo good, but the miso soup was unfinished. :< The meal was way too filling but i guess that's a good thing. :>

Everything at Matsuya will be served to you freshly cooked from the kitchen, which means your meals would be piping hot for you to enjoy. This is definitely a worthwhile place to have your meals at! If you go to Japan and you see Matsuya near the vicinity of your hotel, remember to grab a bite there and try it yourself!
I miss Matsuya. :< (Q: Me too :<)

- Serene

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