anibee's Ultimate Otaku Outing #2 - Inside Ikebukuro Part 1: Butlers Galore!

Our awesome adventure in Japan begins here! When it comes to lodging for a trip, one obviously needs to balance budget versus the convenience of location. For the discerning otaku, there couldn't be a better place than that of Ikebukuro!


The setting of many memorable anime, most notably that of Durarara!, Ikebukuro is as ideal an 'otaku-rrific' location as it gets.

It has a wide array of reasonably priced hotels located near the train station, it's nearby other notable locations (that we'll get to soon!), and of course - it has tons of awesome hotspots of its own to check out!

Serene's Pick - Swallowtail Butler Café!

There's simply a place that all ladies have to visit if you're planning to visit Ikebukuro. We've all known of maid cafes, but butler cafes? I don't think many of us do!

SO YES! The very first place that Q and I went to in Ikebukuro (hotel excluded) is the all-famous Swallowtail Butler Cafe! (I am oblivious to any jealous screaming, muahaha!)

TIP: It's always good to have the map in your phone! This cafe is a little tough to find if it's your first time there, so don't be scared to ask for directions and landmarks! ><

Anyways, you need a reservation of at least 2 weeks in advance before you can even enter this cafe as a customer! I guess this is their way of regulating customers so they can prepare the amount of food ahead of time and keep things organised! owo)b Reservations must also be done online via their website with the 80 minutes slot available for lunch, and both the 80 minutes and 120 minutes slots available for dinner. Please note that if you book a slot for 2 people and you come with alone, you still have to pay at least 1000 yen for that missing person!

Well, you can take a look at their popularity from this board that states all their available time slots, which are in dark blue. And yes, they're almost FULLY BOOKED! @_@ Whew, popular hot-guys-filled cafe.

Behold - the doors to every female's fantasiesssssssss.

Let's just say after doing some research about this cafe beforehand, I had high standards of the service, the atmosphere, the interior design, the food... EVERYTHING. I expected a lot from this place, and I'm glad my expectations were met.

As usual, no photography once you're inside the cafe. This is to respect the privacies of your lovely butlers serving you and to protect the cafe as well.


From the moment you step through that (magical) door, you need to get used to having a huge amount of attention showered upon you. The senior butlers would usually be the ones who will greet you and welcome you to their cafe. After which, they'll show you to the butler who'll be in charge of the table that you'll be seated at.

The butlers presented themselves really well; getting into their roles way more than we got into our own "lady" and "sir" roles! They assisted Q and myself in removing our jackets and took our bags. It felt a little awkward for me since I didn't know how to behave as a "lady" with my butler around. OTL

Our lovely butler (who had megane on HEE HEE HEE) brought us to our tables and pulled the chair out for each of us to be seated. Our bags were then placed in this basket beneath our table. We were given so much attention. OAO;; It's pretty refreshing!!


The experience was, to put it bluntly, EXPENSIVE. But I'll say you get what you pay for. Let me explain why. :>

First, the whole deco of the cafe. Once Q and I stepped inside the cafe, I started to observe the whole interior design. Even from the outside, I realised that many things were well thought of and considered when furbishing the cafe. From the carpet, to the sofa, to the door, to the greenery... They PREPARE you for your experience even before you're going in, and once you're in, it really helps make just about any girl feel like a true 'lady' in the ultimate fantasy world!

Two, the service. As I said, they pretty much shower you with attention. Well, when we went over they were pretty busy and probably lacking in staff. :< I was hoping for even more attention to be given to us, but it was decent enough. Our darling butler always ensured that our tea cups were never empty for longer than 5 minutes.

Did I mention that you're not allowed to do anything by yourself? XD They have a bell on every table, so that you can ring it to summon your butler at your beck and call like the little princess you are, ohohohohoho~


If you even TRY to do something by yourself, which was what I did (refilling my own tea), the butler would stop you and say that it's his duty to serve you. Thus, you should just sit there and let him have his chance to act cool ; ) !

Oh right, they actually escorted me to the washroom and back. >///> Pretty embarrassing, but that's butler service for you.

Alright, point number three- the food and drinks. The last reason why it's so pricey to even visit this cafe is because of the foooooooood! Which is really good.


Q and I decided to just go for their 7th Anniversary Set, the "Madama Butterfly" (no longer being served) since we've come all this way. It's appropriately named too, since it flies away with your money XD!

They came in three stacks of bentos (appetiser, main course and dessert) and that itself already has a very lovely outer presentation. The food presentation was even better! Everything was very nicely arranged and placed, albeit the portions were kind of small. :<

Well, all in all, it was a pretty enriching experience. Definitely different from maid cafes, so if your holiday budget allows it, do visit this cafe. XD Q had a lot of fun being called "danna-sama", and I just relished in them calling me "ojou-sama" (don't judge me! D<)!

If you liked their food, or if you figured you wanted to try some of their food beforehand, Swallowtail also has a wonderful Patisserie that's about a 5 minutes walk from Ikebukuro station. Here, you can buy different types of cakes, cookies, teas, and scones. If you're a fangirl of the butlers, you can even buy official Swallowtail Butler Cafe merchandise as well. :>

And now, you may watch this promotional video for Swallowtail Butler Cafe and pretend that you're there with the lovely butlers!

Check out Swallowtail Butler Café 's website, where you can make YOUR reservation!

Want to win a souvenir from Swallowtail Butler Café? Then head on down HERE for details!

- Serene/Q

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