anibee's Ultimate Otaku Outing #1 - Onward to Japan!!

Everyone has their own 'mecca', their own 'utopia', or in plain English, their own idea of 'dream place' that they'd love to visit one day.

In terms of the discerning proud Otaku, that place is almost always Tokyo, Japan! Home to many animation studios, some of the biggest and most important locations in pop culture and anime amongst many other quirky things, it's little wonder why many dream of heading to the Land of the Rising Sun for a short trip once in their lives.

But heading to a new country is a daunting task, more so one that has many different quirks, customs, and rituals that can be overwhelming to a first-timer in Tokyo - all in a language that one might not understand!

Let us at anibee give you a hand! anibee Ambassador Serene, along with resident writer, Q, took a trip to Tokyo for the main purpose of compiling a list of ideal places to travel to.

We're not talking about some generic travel-channel-esque map either! In the following series of articles, we'll be featuring ONLY the kind of information an otaku want to hear about Tokyo; the kinds of places to see, shops to visit and foods to try; all for the Ultimate Otaku Outing!

Stay tuned - it's going to be a wild ride!

- Q

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