anibee's Guide to Nifty Japanese Words 101! (Vol. 29)

Reassuring phrases!

Everyone likes being around a positive person - so let's make that person YOU!

No matter where you're born or what your upbringing might be, everyone makes mistakes. As the saying goes however, "To Err is human, to forgive is Divine!".

Thus, here are some phrases you can use to reassure and comfort someone who has just made a big fumble - even if they've just dropped something on your foot!


Ii yo!
"That's okay!"

A quick, easy phrase to remember that works for almost any situation! Sometimes saying it more than once helps out in emphasising your point. Just don'’t overdo it –- it tends to make one sound a little crazed that way!


Kekkou desu!
"I am fine!"

This phrase is a bit more specific, often used when turning down a specific offer. Had enough to eat? Don't need help in changing that light bulb? Just fire away with this phrase!


Ki ni suru na!/Ki ni shi nai de!
"Don't sweat it!"

Another multi-purpose phrase that’s really easy to remember and use. Remember to modify this phrase accordingly depending on your desired politeness level!


"No problem!"

An all-time favourite! Probably one of the first words many beginners learn, this phrase can be used in just about any situation. You’re probably better off remembering how to write it in kanji form however - it's much shorter that way!

- Q

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