anibee's Guide to Nifty Japanese Words 101! (Vol. 28)

Transformation Phrases!!

Let's be honest here; as much as they have awesome suits, cool weapons, epic opening themes and all that good stuff; the one thing that makes a superhero immortal (and eternally letting companies like Bandai drain our wallets) is one simple fact - they have )@*)(#@ing cool transformation sequences!

So here are some phrases and/or guidelines you can follow to create your own personalised transformation phrase. Now GO FORTH BRAVE HERO!

(Something in Katakana)

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Here's something that might surprise some of few - some of the coolest transformation phrases yelled by super heroes are often just English words! Granted it's always said in a somewhat comically mangled, over dramatic fashion that makes very little sense in an actual English context... but isn't that why we love them in the first place?

Jyou cyaku!!


Now we're getting old-school here! A quick 1 or 2 word Japanese phrase that's uber technical sounding is the best way to sound like an awesome old-school type hero. This particular one, made famous by Space Sheriff Gavan, is instantly memorable and exciting - even if it is tough to write...



Admittedly more for robots than superheroes per se, one can't deny that the Japanese treatment of our favourite metallic 'mates' are usually far more over the top and thus, superhero-like at the very least. Adding a cool prefix word before this phrase is a badass way to personalise too, like 創聖合体 (Sacred/Holy Combination)!! ala Genesis of Aquarion.



Oh come on now, did you honestly think I'd forget this one? Quick, easy to remember, and packing a lot of punch as well as various ways to say it, it's no wonder this is the go-to phrase for Kamen Riders, and tokusatsu heroes in general. Performing an elaborate pattern of arm gestures before saying this phrase is highly recommended.

- Q

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