anibee’s Guide to Nifty Japanese Words 101! (Vol. 26)

Methods of acknowledgement!

Nothing brings greater assurance to a person than a good, solid word of acknowledgement that you've understood them perfectly.

Just like any good language, Japanese has many, many ways in which you can give the other party acknowledgement of what they've just said to you:


I understand!

A nice, standard phrase that’s easy and often used. I personally like its shortened, more casual form of 分かった (wakkata) myself, as it sounds cool.


As you wish!

A much more polite phrase, this is usually used by people working in the service sector, especially restaurants. In Japan, the customer is king after all!



This phrase usually has a more military-slant to its tone, due to its short, punchy tone. It does make you sound badass though!


Ha Ha!

No, this phrase isn't asking you to randomly start bellowing in laughter like Santa Claus. Rather, this phrase is more like a sound effect. Most often used in olden time dramas when soldiers or subjects acknowledge the orders of their superiors - often a big, mighty Emperor or Shogun! No, I don't think there'Â’s any real modern context where this would be too appropriate...


Sometimes, simplicity is key. Understood your friend's explanation? You’ve heard of that new anime? Just say "Yes"!

- Q

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