A Warm Welcome to Serene - anibee Ambassador Hunt Winner 2012!

After enduring a long selection and interview process, our new anibee Ambasador has been decided - Serene!

Take it away!

Hello everyone! My name is Serene, and I'm 18 this year. :) I enjoy performing and cosplaying. I started performing in public since 2009 thanks to a good friend, and never looked back ever since. I love interacting with the crowd when I'm on the stage, and hope that my songs will entertain them. :3

On the same day as my performing debut, I also started cosplaying. It's become a hobby that I cannot let go of, because of all the fun that I have! Cosplay has allowed me to make many new friends as well, so I'm grateful for that. I hope that as the anibee ambassador I can share the love for cosplay, performing and anime! :)

- Serene

Find out more about Serene in our previous article on her!

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