Blogger Bonanza: K-Palette's Exclusive Launch @ Bugis BHG!!

Popular make up brand, K-Palette, recently launched a new line up of products, and bloggers were invited to try them out!

We invited 4 big-time make up enthusiasts to check it out - J-addicts, Mirai & Amaya, as well as 2 new friends, Zongyi and Patricia!

Check out their thoughts and experience at the event in their individual coverage right here!

  1. Mirai: J-addicts MiraiL: Eye-catching Moment with K-palette!
  2. Amaya: J-addicts K-Palette Exclusive Launch at Bugis BHG
  3. Zongyi: Zongyi's Review on K-Palette's "Exclusive Blogger Event"
  4. Patricia: Patricia's Review on K-Palette's "Exclusive Blogger Event"

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