anibee's Guide to Nifty Japanese Words 101! (Vol. 20)

Japanese Internet Slang!

The internet is an endlessly weird, hilarious, random, and otherwise, interesting place. Having spawned numerous upon numerous of things, one of which is its own brand of slang, the internet itself is sometimes like a language all on its own. Of course, this applies to all languages, and Japanese is no exception.

If you've browsed a Japanese BBS (Bulletin Board System), or the likes of Nico Nico Douga before, you might’ve come across some peculiar phrases that you've never seen before. Here are a few we've come across:



Used often in Nico Nico Douga, this literally is a short form and spliced version of "upload".



Similar to the previous example, this means "Okay".


Originating from () Warai, or "to laugh", this is essentially a Japanese version of "LOL". Additionally, adding ちょ(Cyo), or "super", amplifies the speaker's intention. ちょwwww is basically like an "LOLOLOL".


Slang used to show disappointment, it basically is meant to look like a person kneeling on the ground on all-fours. This common, popular slang has been so prevalent that it's made its way into English speaking communities as well, often in other equivalents such as "OTL".


Here we have one of the many examples of using similar sounding words or numbers in replacement of phrases. Here, "39" is meant to replace サンキュー(sankyuu)/Thank you, as "3" is san, and "9" is kyuu. Pretty ingenious eh?


Here it comes!!!!!

Used to describe the arrival or occurrence of something amazing, eagerly anticipated, or otherwise awesome, this phrase has been popularised heavily in various anime and Japanese movies (such as Desha Otoko) that it''s reached an arguably legendary status.

When you're in need of a break the next time, ditch that textbook and surf around on various Japanese forums. Who knows - you might learn something entirely new!

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