anibee's Guide to Nifty Japanese Words 101! (Vol. 19)

Saying "Goodbye"!

When all is said and done, no matter how much fun you've been having buying every product you can find in every Animate store across the streets of Akihabara ever, the day needs to come to an end.

You've been properly raised (we hope!) and thus, you know that saying goodbye to your exhausted friend who's been accompanying you the whole day is the naturally polite thing to do. Here are some different ways to do just that!


"Good bye!"

When in doubt, go for the classic! Universal, easy to remember and fits almost any situation or context, this very word has actually become a little less common these days, giving it that extra 'quaint' flavour to it. Saying it to older folks (with an accompanying bow) especially, will bag you extra brownie points!


Jyaa ne!
"See you!"

One of the most common phrases used due to its brevity, ease of usage and flexibility. This phrase has many different variations to it, varying in tone and even gender-specific versions, so go ahead and experiment!



If you're feeling REALLY old-school, try this one out for size. You're bound to get reactions of surprise, curiosity and wonder from the people you say this to! Well, that, or they might just think you're a big Samurai movie Otaku.



A phrase that has somewhat declined in usage some years ago, it's still generally known to be an extremely casual form of speech. With the right (or is that wrong?) context & tone, it can even be interpreted as downright rude. Mind your language!!

- Q

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