anibee's Guide to Nifty Japanese Words 101! (Vol. 17)

Getting by in a restaurant!

Everyone loves to eat, right? No matter how determined you might be to spend every waking hour of your time in Akihabara buying every little bit of Naruto/Bleach/Uta no Prince/etc. merchandise, you're bound to get hungry sooner or later. Thus, you will no doubt need to head to a restaurant for a meal or two.

Nothing sucks more than being hungry, but not knowing what to say in order to get the nourishment you need. Worry no more - we're here with this handy-dandy list of the essential things you need to say!

一人です。/二人です。/(No. of people) 人です。

Hitori desu/Futari desu/(No. of people)-nin desu.
"(No. of people) seating"

Before you get eating, you need to get in first! This simply lets the nice waiter/waitress know how many of you are going to dine there.

(Name of your dish) をします/ください/お願いします

(X) wo shimasu/kudasai/onegaishimasu
"(Name of your dish) please"

Ordering your dish is the next obvious step, and saying it is as easy as pie (not literally)! Pick your sentence suffix to your desired tone of politeness, and if you wish to order a varying quantity, you can apply the same word from the sentence above and say it after your dish's name.


Ikura desu ka?
"How much is this?"

Always an important question in case the restaurant lacks a proper menu. Hope you brought enough money with you!


"I'm going to eat now!" (rough translation)

A line that almost anyone that’s seen any Japanese-language show has heard before, most people normally say this before chowing down. It's not always essential, especially if you’re on your own, but a little extra politeness never hurt anyone right?


Okanjou onegaishimasu
"Bill please!"

Payment's the next important thing, after stuffing your face and having a good time. Be sure to beckon to the waitress nicely now!


Gochisousama deshita!
"Thank you for the meal!"

Similar toいただきますbefore it, this phrase is often said after a meal's done. Pay up, give your thanks, and look totally awesome and polite while doing it!

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