Mika's Reflections!

Hi everyone, Mika here again!

Wow, time sure flies doesn't it? It's been several months since I first became anibee's First Ambassador - when it still feels like just yesterday to me!!

Since then I've definitely had a ton of fun doing all sorts of activities! My Makeover at Majolica Majorca, visiting Cawaii Koohii Maid Cafe, gushing over the toys at the Sanrio Corner, and of course; dining at Monster Curry and playing the latest IAHGames titles!

So much activity in such a short period of time... and in a matter of weeks, it's going to come to an end for me! :( I'm really going to miss doing this, and all the great friends I've made at anibee - but a new Ambassador must now rise! :D

That's right - at ICDS, anibee will begin their search for a new anibee Ambassador, and I totally recommend everyone to try out for it. You get to do all sorts of cool stuff, have fun and make tons of friends to boot!

Stay tuned to anibee for more details, and if you're trying out for it, give it your best shot okay? (^o^)/

- Mika

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