anibee's Guide to Nifty Japanese Words 101! (Vol. 13)

Fighting Words! - Part 2: In the heat of the Battle!

No doubt, you've already read our previous article where we taught some basic phrases you can use before a fight. As the natural progression of things in life goes, you're probably in the middle of the fight right now.

In the midst of all the punching, kicking and special move hurling, surely you wouldn't want to simply keep mum about everything? Of course you don't. Let us then move on to the next natural step - phrases you can use in the middle of the battle!


セイヤ!/オリヤ!/デイヤー! Etc.

Seiya!/Oriya!/Deiya!! Etc.
Random battle yells/

anibee's Awesome-ness Rating - 7/10

This phrase works because - just about every fighting character in any video game or anime has at least 1 or 2 notable kiais that they use frequently. From serious yells from the likes of Ryu to even comical characters like Usopp, kiais are an important part of fighting as they help in the performing of moves, expelling out air - and just sounding awesome and intimidating!



"Eat this!!"

anibee's Awesome-ness - Rating - 8/10

This phrase works because - nothing quite screams "aggression" louder than this simple, one-word phrase! Often used by rougher-type characters like Kyo Kusanagi, the sheer beauty of this phrase is its flexibility, being appropriate on its own or in combination with other words. Try saying this before you unleash your awesome special move - the perfect combo!



Asobi wa owari da!
"Play time's OVER!"

anibee's Awesome-ness Rating - 11/10

This phrase works because - this is a definite "AAA" level phrase; Aggressive, Arrogant & Absolute; the perfect combination! A line used by many badass characters like Iori Yagami, it's the perfect thing to say when you're about to lay that decisive blow on that pesky insect you've been fighting for the past half an hour. One quip of this and everyone will know you mean business... provided you don't miss.


Saying an actual special move name

anibee's Awesome-ness Rating - Varies

This phrase works because - let's face it, just saying nothing for your super-duper-great finishing attack is plain dull. How simple or elaborate the name of your special move actually doesn't matter too much. What IS important is that you say it with conviction. Scream it loudly and proudly, and it's bound to make your opponents quake in fear in their shoes - even if it is something like "Fluffy Sponge Cake Kick"!

Wait, we're not done just yet! The fight's finally over - you need some cool parting words to say! Stay tuned, as next time, we'll cover some of the best things to say once the dust clears!

- Q

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