anibee speaks to - Daryl, our anibee Manga Drawing Contest Winner!

We ran our Manga Drawing Contest last month, and the response we got was amazing! What was more incredible than the amount of submissions we got however, was the sheer talent we were treated to viewing in all the entries we received! Trust us, it was incredibly difficult to pick a winner, but we managed to pick one - Daryl Tan Zhe Ming!

With his winning submission of an original character, 'Emi', we speak to this talented young artist!

1. How long have you been drawing?

I've been drawing since primary school, but I only got seriously into manga drawing itself when I was in secondary 1.

2. What is your favourite anime or manga?

My favorite manga would be "bakuman", and for favorite manga, its a tie between "Guilty Crown" and "Hanasaku Iroha."

3. What was the inspiration behind your drawing?

My inspiration for "Emi" was based a lot on the idea of merging science fiction elements into a fantasy-like environment. Animes such as Guilty Crown and Fullmetal Alchemist all had the idea of combining science and magic together in their plot and I found that extremely interesting to work on. Hence, I drew "Emi" with a more modern-style clothing while preserving a bit of "medieval" additions (such as the jacket and the "cape" on her skirt). Along with that, I decided to add some fire elements to add more of the fantasy into the image, which was quite a Shakugan no Shana reference. (laughs)

4. What can you tell us about your drawing?

Well, My drawing style has definitely improved since a few years ago. However, I still hope to improve my skill as an artist to be on par with the professionals, like redjuice or ryoheihuke .

5. What do you hope to do with your art in the future?

I really hope that I can start my own manga in the near future, because ultimately "Emi" was designed as a manga character, and it would be a waste not to use these character designs. Until then, I'll carry on improving my drawing skills and continue creating more character designs.

A combination of drawing from various sources that you enjoy, and blending it with your own little touches - truly the work of a rising artist!

We'd like to thank EVERYONE who took part in the contest, whether it was submitting an artwork, or even voting for your friend's piece! You'Â’re all winners in our book!

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