anibee's Guide to Nifty Japanese Words 101! (Vol. 8)


- shikanai

One of the best forms of expressing yourself in a language is being able to emphasise and be absolute when explaining something. With this handy little phrase, you can do just that!

With しかない(- shika_nai), you simply fill in a verb, and your subject before it.

For instance:

A: スーパーはもうこのドリンクしかないよ。

A: suupaa wa mou kono dorinku shika nai yo.
The supermarket only has this drink left.

By saying this, you are emphasising the fact that there is no other brand of drink left in the Supermarket but the one you're talking about.

Inserting verbs after しか also lets the phrase be used for different things.

A: このゲームをクリアした人は、俺しかいないぜ!

A: kono geemu wo kuria shita hito wa, ore shika inai ze!
I'm the *only* one that's beaten this game before!

Presto - instant heavy emphasis!

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