anibee's Guide to Nifty Japanese Words 101! (Vol. 6)

ーかもしれない(かもしれません) - kamoshirenai (kamoshiremasen)

We can't always be 100% certain in everything we do right? Hence, we're going back to basics in this installment with this handy little phrase!

ーかもしれない(kamoshirenai) and its keigo (i.e. more polite form) version, かもしれませ(kamoshiremasen), are good, quick ways to express some uncertainty in a fuss-free, inoffensive way. Its usage is also relatively straight forward:

A: 彼は明日で来るかな

A: kare wa ashita de kuru ka na?
Is he coming tomorrow?

B: 来るかもしれない…

B: kuru kamoshirenai…
He should be…

It can also be used when referring to your own actions, where other verbs normally won't work:

A: 僕は後で忙しいかもしれません。

A: boku wa ato de isogashikamoshiremasen.
I might be busy later.

Making your point clearer in a quick & easy way, practice is key as always!

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