Serene @ STGCC 2013!!



Why, hello there everyone! I hope you've all recovered from the post-STGCC blues! It's barely been a week since the event was over, so I hope we've all rested well from last weekend! If you didn't know, STGCC stands for Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention and it took place over the weekend (31st Aug- 1st Sept).

STGCC combines the best of pop culture from East and West, uniting the worlds of comics, anime, manga, toys, collectibles, games and movies. It also showcases the heartbeat of what's new and cool in the gateway to Southeast Asia, put together in collaboration with ReedPOP - the makers of the New York Comic Con (NYCC), Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2), Star Wars Celebration and the New York Anime Festival! You can find out more about this event from their official website.

I was cosplaying as Yuri Sakazaki from King of Fighters! I had a huge team of other King of Fighters characters too! Did you manage to catch either my team or myself? :>



Alright, STGCC this year was a blast because many of my Malaysian friends came all the way down to the event! It was lovely being able to meet up with them. This event was more about socializing with people and getting my pictures taken (what else is new)! XD

Yes yes, I know. Some of you might say, "What's so important about getting pictures taken? Shouldn't you be having fun at the event?"

Technically, I AM having tons of fun! Running around being Little Miss Busy is fun for me. Making sure that I get shots taken (especially by photographer friends) is just something that I do at all events. It's like a gift to myself when I know I will have photos of my cosplay at the end of the event; the sense of achievement is glorious. To be able to see the finished product of your own hard work (along with the photographers') just makes the endless sewing so much more worth it.

Also, another reason why I love having photographers (that I know) take my pictures at events is because my creative juices flow like crazy during events! This means that I come up with the weirdest and craziest things to try to capture on camera; my photographer friends thus always have a challenge trying to get the shots that I want. Most of the time, we always attempt the shot until we got it though! On a side note, I actually tried a jump shot which failed horribly. So I left it as that.

Anyways, since I didn't attend last year's STGCC (lack of motivation), I'm not exactly sure if this year was an improvement or not. The only thing that I wasn't very happy about was the size of the media lounge! :(

To say that it's kinda small would be an understatement. With the amount of people attending each interview slot, the room was practically packed with no space left to move. Imagine the poor VIPs having a horde of humans surrounding them while conducting the interview! I think that's just horribly intimidating. :/

Well, at the very least, the interview slots were paced out between the two days so that the VIPs won't be overwhelmed with a huge number of interviews in a day. I'd say that's something well thought about on the STGCC's committee part. ;)

But really, the small space allocated for the interviews was really a lack of foresight on their part. Fortunately, the guests seemed alright with it and were still cheery. The media, on the other hand, were attempting to not squeeze each other too badly at each interview. Tsk tsk. :(

Alright, media lounge aside (that's really my only complaint), STGCC is amazing this year. Did you even check out the event hall?!

Take a look at this picture album here by Anthony AKA Still Costography! He has pictures of amazing cosplayers and also the event hall/stage area itself!

There were really so many goodies at the event. o

To end off this article for today, let me talk about the highlight (and regret, maybe) of the event for me. :D I'm sure we'd all have something similar for every event. XD For STGCC, my highlight would be the leg cramps that I had during and after the event. Yes, perhaps i'm just a bit masochistic. ;3


But the main reason why those leg cramps are worth highlighting was because those cramps showed the amount of straight kicks, roundhouse kicks that I had to do for my action shots in order to get a decent shot. It proves that I put in effort in taking the shots that I want. I was practically kicking from the start till the end of the event. It was great exercise, and enabled me to get certain decent shots, but man... Those leg cramps stayed with me for days. OTL

And my only regret?

Not being up to my own standard in terms of cosplay. I didn't think I did very well as Yuri Sakazaki, honestly. I wish I could have done the wig better, adjusted my costume more, sewed it such that it fit better, done my make up better, posed better... Oh gosh, so many things I could have done better, really. And I'm sure some of you might feel the same way- the unsatisfied feeling that we could have done better in this certain cosplay that we did in events. Unfortunately, the event is already over. Photos have been taken. We can only look to improve ourselves at photo shoots or perhaps at another event. Thus, I hope that my Yuri Sakazaki will be up to standard the next time I cosplay her!

Now that the consecutive weeks of events are over, all of us can rest well and sleep in during weekends! Finally, proper rest without having to wake up and panic about our costumes. Huehueh. Rest well, everyone. See you during the next cosplay event, hopefully!


- Serene

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